Both professional and knowledgeable, Dana Pittman is the epitome of what an editor and literary advisor should be. Her experience in all aspects of the literary world is a testament to her knowledge and ability. I have worked with Dana for several years. Her editing style is unlike any editor I've ever worked with. Her insight into my work and ability helps her to push me to be the absolute best. As a content editor, I believe it's important to be able to see beyond the story, to help the author push pass their comfort zone and into an area of greatness and Dana possess this ability. Her attention to detail helps beyond simply editing, it fosters character and story development giving you the tools to evolve and grow as a writer. Thank you to Dana for the countless time and effort put into my work. The information, direction and expertise is priceless.

DeiIra Smith-Collard, Author and Publisher

I recently competed writing my first book and was looking for a firm to help me publish my book. Dana Pittman has a wealth of knowledge concerning the publishing process. She provided information and guidance throughout the process for the eBook as well as printing the paperback version and print on demand. Her skills with cover design are excellent. I gave her the general concept, and the result was impressive. Needless to say, there are a lot of details to consider when publishing a book. More than I knew before I started, but Dana kept the process moving forward. I would highly recommend Dana for new writers.

Timothy George, Author

It has been more than a pleasure for me to work with Dana Pittman with the publishing of my books. She is and will always be considered my "Ram in the Bush" and my "Right Hand". Driven, motivated, eager, challenging, encouraging, hard-working, are just some of the words I'd use to describe Mrs. Pittman and shout loud that these very qualities is what she gets in return out of you whether you are willing or not. She has approached my works with the spirit of excellence and this is why I am so honored to have her in my corner.

Danyelle Scroggins, Pastor, Author, and Publisher

In the world of self-publishing, effectively promoting your finished work can be more daunting than the actual writing of the book. Thankfully, Dana Pittman is here to help! With wit and wisdom, Dana came alongside me and guided me through my first virtual book tour. Dana's competence and detail-oriented vision helped make my virtual book tour a success. She is a direct answer to my cry for help and I am so very grateful for her wisdom and guidance. I would highly recommend all new self-published authors spend some time learning from Dana.

Heidi Kreider, Author


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